Boat Cruises Hermanus First 2015 Whale Sighting

Boat Cruises Hermanus – 2015 Whale season starts soon! We had our first whale sighting today just outside of the Gansbaai Harbour, numbers will be arriving soon and we expect to be running a full service from 1st of June.

September has shown up, bringing changes all around the regular world. As the virus gradually plunges upon the Northern Hemisphere, the Southern spans of the globe are being warmed by Spring, or more all, Spring messengers fresh starts; new life. The collective of animals is significantly influenced by this difference in seasons, and the marine existence of Walker Bay is no special case. For some, creatures, Spring implies propagation, and in this post we will investigate what this implies for a portion of the notable species seen from The Ivanhoe.

The first, and generally critical for us is the Southern Right Whale. Females, conveying the earlier year’s calves, start to move inshore where they will look for shielded waters in which to conceive an offspring. What’s more, this is a piece of the enchantment of Walker Bay, for it is referred to world-over as a supported birthing ground for the Southern Right Whale. After an incubation time of around a year, dairy animals will move back to their own origin so as to bring forth a solitary calf. Weighing up to a titanic 1.5 tons and 6m long, the calf will nurture from nipples close to its mom’s vents for 6 a year.

Ivanhoe is a small, family run boat based whale watching company based in Gansbaai Harbour, South Africa. We specialize in Whale watching tours, promising personalized service and ethical operation. Ivanhoe is the oldest whale watching operator in Gansbaai and can seat up to 4o people on our boat, though we prefer to keep our groups small. If you’re looking to do boat cruises Hermanus, look no further.

Boat Cruises Hermanus

Southern Right Whale mother and calf

Boat Cruises Hermanus – If you would like to book your whale watching adventure, you’re welcome to do so online or by direct enquiry.

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