Southern Right Whale 2021 Aerial Count

Whale Watching and Whale Species South Africa

Whale Watching and Whale Species – South Africa Whale Watching and Whale Species – South Africa is one of the best destinations worldwide for watching whales and dolphins.  Annual visits from southern right and humpback whales and the presence of enormous pods of dolphins all year-round provide amazing viewing opportunities[…]

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Hermanus Whale Sightings - Front Deck of Ivanhoe

Hermanus Whale Sightings – 2021

Hermanus Whale Sightings – The right kind of day! Hermanus Whale Sightings on yesterday’s tour – We encountered 9 Southern Right Whales, with others blowing in the distance or hanging out in the breakers! We could not be more excited about this, as we are not too sure of what[…]

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Whale Watching Hermanus Tour

Whale Watching Tour Cape Town

Whale Watching Tour Cape Town Your host Ivanhoe Sea Safaris has been rated on Trip Advisor as one of the best whale watching tour Cape Town operators. 5 Star rated and simply a most humbling experiences when you see such a magnificent creature within meters of the boat. The Ivanhoe[…]

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Hermaus Wal Festival Schwanz

Hermanus Whale Festival 2021 – Cancelled

Hermanus whale festival is a yearly event that takes place on the last weekend of September to celebrate the arrival of Southern Right whales to the shores of South Africa.  Every year during the months of June and December, Southern Right Whale mothers make their way to the sheltered waters of Walker Bay to raise their calves. During the peak of this season, visitors of a different kind also flock to the area to attend the Hermanus whale festival. This festival was established in the early 1990’s and is an enviro-arts festival not to be missed. The Whale festival is a lively outdoor event that takes place towards the end of September.

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Humpback Whales Migrating

Humpback Whale Watching In Gansbaai South Africa

Humpback whales are majestic, intelligent and famous for their song. These gentle giants begin to migrate past our shores in May, which is when you stand a chance of spotting them on one of our tours. Humpback Whales pass our coast, making their way to the warm waters of Mozambique[…]

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Spot the eye of a Southern Right Whale

Whale Watching South Africa – An Eco extravaganza!

Whale Watching South Africa – Today (25-Sept-2020) was an incredible day to be out and about in the bay. We had an eco extravaganza, spotting many different species.  On today’s tours we saw  saw 7 Southern Right Whales, feeding Brydes Whales, Common Dolphins and Cape Fur Seals in the water[…]

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Schließen Sie Hermanus Whale Watching

Whale Watching In Hermanus, What You Need To Know

Whale watching in Hermanus has been voted the best land based viewing in the world. Situated on the other side of the bay, Gansbaai boasts the same whale watching with an opportunity to beat the crowds. If you’re planning on going whale watching in Hermanus or Gansbaai, here are some[…]

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Whale Watching Hermanus

Hermanus Whale Watching Season, South Africa

Hermanus whale watching season is one of the most anticipated events in South Africa. As winter begins to creep in during June, Southern Right Whales will begin the long migration from Sub Antarctica to the coast of South Africa to find shelter within our sandy bays. Where they will make[…]

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Whale Watching Cape Town- A Time of New Beginnings

September has arrived for whale watching Cape Town, bringing changes all around the natural world. As the cold slowly descends upon the Northern Hemisphere, the Southern reaches of the globe are being warmed by Spring, and above all, Spring heralds new beginnings; new life. The animal kingdom is profoundly affected[…]

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Hermanus Boat Cruises -The Ivanhoe Blog

Hello and welcome to the new blog section about Hermanus boat cruises! I’m Jessica and I will be taking you through a series of educational and fun articles which will be designed to give you a deeper understanding of Walker Bay’s beautiful coast and the many creatures sheltered here, many[…]

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South Africa Whale Season With Ivanhoe Sea Safaris

It is nearly  South Africa Whale Season Our  Southern Right whales start to arrive, our whale season starts in June and ends towards the later part of December. Every year hundreds of Southern Right Whales start their migration having feasted in the rich feeding grounds of the Atlantic, towards our[…]

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Boat Cruises Hermanus First 2015 Whale Sighting

Boat Cruises Hermanus – 2015 Whale season starts soon! We had our first whale sighting today just outside of the Gansbaai Harbour, numbers will be arriving soon and we expect to be running a full service from 1st of June. September has shown up, bringing changes all around the regular[…]

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Watching Whales at sea on the Overberg Coastline

I’ve spent countless hours since I moved to the Overberg in awe of whales… and  though I’ve been blessed to witness well over a hundred breaches, I’m still amazed every time I see these massive creatures propel themselves out of the ocean and into the sky. Yesterday, Jon and I[…]

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A whale of a time in Gansbaai

Two Africa Geographic team members drove out to Gansbaai in September to join Ivanhoe Sea Safaris for a whale watching experience. When we arrived at Gansbaai Harbour we were warmly greeted by Elizna and taken to Ivanhoe – our catamaran. After a short briefing on safety, lifejacket use in an[…]

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