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Gansbaai South Africa – First Whale Watching Trip After Lockdown

A big welcome back from our whales in Gansbaai South Africa!

Today was our first trip post lockdown in Gansbaai South Africa. We could not have asked for a more spectacular time at sea! The trip began with the sight of thousands of Cape Cormorants flocking within the bay. We then moved on the main event and highlight of our tour, the Southern Right Whales! The skipper counted around 8 whales in the bay today, with one very special animal giving us the sighting of a lifetime. The Whale came all the way up to the boat to greet us. Choosing to spend the next while circling the boat again and again! Humans watch whales, but the whales watch us too and between us, we’re not sure which species was more enamored by the encounter.

We went on to see a mating group of Southern Right Whales a little further on before making our way back into Gansbaai harbour. Just outside of the harbour, we were treated to the sight of the Indian Ocean Humpback Dolphin! These dolphins were hunting a school of fish, accompanied by some Cape Fur Seals who were also hoping to catch their Sunday brunch! The Indian Ocean Humpback Dolphin is South Africa’s rarest dolphin species.

Whale season is officially in full swing.  We’re really excited to be spending time out on the water, with all Covid protocols in place to insure a safe and unforgettable experience. Thank you to all of our lovely guests for joining us today, there is truly no better way to start the season.

All photographs taken under permit regulations. If you would like to join us for a whale watching trip in Gansbaai South Africa, book online or give us a call to secure your spot.

Southern Right Whale - Gansbaai South Africa

This Behavior is called spy hopping, which is whales do when they would like to take a better look at things.

Close encounter Southern Right Whale in Gansbaai South Africa

It is incredible to have these gentle giants choose to approach us on our tours.

Souther Right Whale in south Africa gansbaai

Right Whales were considered the right whales to hunt which is how they got their name. . Southern Right Whales achieved protection status in the 1930s after their numbers had been severely depleted.

Whale tail with gansbaai south africa in the background

There are very few things more exciting than seeing a whales tail! These tails can measure over 4m in length.

Gansbaai is a small town in south africa famed for whale watching

2 Indian Ocean Humpback Dolphins, a rare and special find on a tour.

Eye of Souther right next to Ivanhoe 2020 Whale Season

Here, one can see the whales “eye callosity” just below the water. This rough white patch almost forms an eyebrow below which the whales eye sits. Who is watching who here?

2 whales slowly moving along by the side of Ivanhoe

2 whales slowly moving along.

A close up look at the face of a Southern Right Whale.

A close up look at the face of a Southern Right Whale. Callosities cover the whales face. Callosities are thickened patches of skin that the whale is born with. Whale lice and barnacles live on these patches. Whales will live with  these callosities for the rest of their lives. These tiny creatures are not parasites.

Enjoying the whales whilst staying safe.

Enjoying the whales whilst staying safe.

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