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Whale Watching In Hermanus, What You Need To Know

Hermanus has been voted the best land based whale watching town in the world

Whale watching in Hermanus has been voted the best land based viewing in the world. Situated on the other side of the bay, Gansbaai boasts the same whale watching with an opportunity to beat the crowds. If you’re planning on going whale watching in Hermanus or Gansbaai, here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your whale watching experience.

Southern Right Whale Watching Hermanus South Africa

1) For land Based Whale Watching, Keep your eyes peeled on the water

Look out for the blow of the whale, Southern Right Whales have a very distinctive V- shaped blow. They also have very distinctive looking bodies. They are large, round and black in coloration with rough white patches on their heads. Alternatively, you can have a look out for a group of whale watchers who might spot the animals for you.

2) Remember Your Sunscreen

Whale watching in Hermanus or Gansbaai happens in our winter and spring, but the sun is still very potent. We also have an almost constant breeze which means you’re unlikely to feel the burn until it is too late. Lather up before heading out to do any whale watching and ensure you’re keeping your skin safe.

3) Remember your water, too.

When Whale watching, one can often lose track of time and forget to hydrate. Be It on a boat or by foot, when whale watching in Hermanus or Gansbaai, remember to keep yourself well hydrated to ensure that you’re giving your body what it needs to keep you out and about.

Southern Right Whale Mating Group Whale Watching South Africa

4) Whale Watching In Walker Bay? Always bring you windbreaker

It is almost always windy when whale watching in our area. Remember your windbreaker to fight off any cold wind, rain or sea spray that you might encounter on shore or by boat when you’re whale watching on the Atlantic.

Southern Right Whale and Calf, Whale Watching South Africa

5) Always remember you binoculars and camera.

Going Whale watching in Hermanus or Gansbaai by land or sea is likely to give you memories to last a lifetime. Make sure you’re fully prepared to capture those memories by making sure you have a working camera with a spare battery and memory card. If you have binoculars, we’d highly recommend you bring those along too. Southern Right whales are curious by nature and often approach boats, but binoculars may help to spot them. Binoculars are also particularly helpful for shore based whale watching.

Southern Right Whale Breaching

Have any questions? Contact our friendly team and we would be most glad to assist you.

Southern Right Whale approaching the boat

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