Hermanus whale watching – Launching from Gansbaai

Proud-to-have-earned-5yrs-Certificate-of-Excellence---SigHermanus whale watching is renowned for the most prolific whale viewing experience in the world. Ivanhoe has been awarded the "Certificate of Excellence" for last six years, placing them in the prestigious award of "Hall of Fame" due to Ivanhoe Sea Safaris offering the best Hermanus whale watching in the area.

Just a 2 hour drive from Cape Town to the whale capital of the world Hermanus, launching from south westerly side of Walker Bay from the non commercialised quaint fishing town of Gansbaai, this area is also well known for its great white shark cage diving.

Here you will find the true gem of South Africa's land based whale watching from the cliffs of De Kelders. As well as Ivanhoe being the original pioneers of the boat based whale industry in South Africa, we also boast one of the limited whale watching permits allocated country wide.

We specialize in Boat Based Whale Watching and we pride ourselves in offering a uniquely personalized service to all our clients.  Hermanus whale watching operated in Area 6 of Walker Bay is celebrated as the best location in the world to view the magnificent Southern Right Whales.

Our guests are looked after in lavish style by our fully qualified, proficient and registered whale guides whose only duty is to make your trip as memorable as possible. The safety of our guests is paramount and we have all-encompassing public liability insurance.

Ivanhoe Sea Safaris is regarded as one of the leading boat-based whale watching companies in South Africa, offering the best close encounters of whales in Hermanus. We are the only operator that launches from Gansbaai and have the whales immediately on our door step by the Cliffs of De Kelders.

Our specialized Boat Based Whale Watching trips has earned us an enviable reputation, and we pride ourselves in offering a uniquely personalized service to all our clients.

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Hermanus Whale Watching – Boat Based

A typical trip will have you exploring our magnificent coastline and bay while looking for whales, dolphins, sharks, seals and seabirds.  Apart from the Southern Right Whales, we are able to view Brides Whales, Humpback Whales and possibly even Great White Sharks.

There are many Cape Fur Seals, African Penguins, Dolphins, Sunfish and plenty of coastal marine birds to been seen whilst out at sea. -- Read More --

Hermanus Whale Trip Info:

We want our guest to have a fun yet educational experience.  All trips have proficient marine guides on board to answer your questions and share their vast knowledge of the ocean and its creatures with you.

Our objective is to adhere to responsible tourism guidelines and the emphasis of all our trips is on the conservation and welfare of these magnificent animals.

We offer unique trips that give you the ability to observe some of the ocean’s biggest and enigmatic inhabitants in their natural surroundings.

Whale Watching Trips (June To December) Should the whales change their migration schedule (arrive early and leave later) we will change our schedule accordingly. A 2-hour Whale Watching trip in Walker Bay (South Africa’s Bay Of Whales)

Big 5 Sea Safari Trip Info:

Join the Ivanhoe team for what will undoubtedly be a memorable 2hr Big 5 Sea Safari.

Our goal is to target Walker Bays Big 5, Whales, Dolphin, Seals, Penguin and Marine Birds.

We depart from the harbor of Gansbaai and cruise along the scenic route passing the cliffs of De Kelders and De Platt Beach.

Observe the stunning coast line, contrasting white beach's with the blue skies and chameleon waters that stretch for miles from Gansbaai to Hermanus, we then set course and head out into the middle of the bay in search of our Big 5.

Big 5 Sea Safari Trips (November To May)

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Whale Watching Covid-19 – Safety with Ivanhoe

South Africa Tourism Ready and Ivanhoe is Tourism ready.

When visiting us, please adhere to the common sense Covid-19 Protocols that everyone around the world has been making adjustments for.  So long as we follow these simple rules everyone on board can still have a great trip and an educational experience.

Although there is no scientific evidence we believe being out in the lovely clean ocean air, breeze blowing through the boat and often glorious sunny days, Covid-19 isn’t going to be a fan of sea water conditions and a clean warm environment – Lets all be practical respectful to other guests and bear in mind the simple protocols to help protect one another on the boat – Don’t forget we all want to have a fund day and put Covid-19 behind us.

Full Protocol download link

Office -Procedures

- One person at a time is allow in our office to sign in, except when we need to weigh a child/infant
- Please sanitize before entering the office.
- Temperature check before entering
- Please wear your face mask
- Track and Trace information will be collected

Boat - Procedures

- The boat and equipment are all cleaned and sanitized for your protection
- Please sanitize before boarding
- The boat has lots of rails for people to hold, please, please don’t just sanitize once
- Keep cleaning your hands to avoid passing on Covid-19 on the safety rails
- Wear your mask and be respectful to other guests
- Abide by social distancing – As practically as you can, again be respectful to other guests

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